And then there was light...

The world seems to spin faster and faster by every lap round its own axis.

There was a time when people were quite satisfied with the life around them. Maybe you had a home phone, that was something you bought once and you did not have to buy a new one until the original one was broken. You probably had one or two employers through your whole career, a raise was actually a nice surprise that you got and a promotion was something not everyone experienced. A car only a few people could afford and if you actually had been abroad you were one of the lucky ones. 

Today you need to have time for both TV and internet. At the same time you need to do do a good job since you should be able to demand a raise every year and get a promotion at least five times in your lifetime. You always need the new cool mobile phone and of course you should be able to go abroad at least once every year. The clothes fashion cycles are accelerating in a pace that makes you understand why the Concorde might have felt old and retired, so you always need to buy new clothes. You need an MP3 and an GPS an Xbox and a PS3. You need a flat screen and some surround. A new computer and nine zillion TV channels. If you cannot manage all of this, you are not in the game.

No wonder the thin line to insanity is crossed more and more often. Isn´t that the best excuse? Why I can´t take responsibility for all the new societies demands? Because i am insane!

And then from all the stress you wake up one morning to the laughter of one of your child’s and understand: The things you thought were so important are not so important after all.

So what is important then? I live by the philosophy that your life today in 40 years are only the things you can remember. When you had fun, when you loved, when you made a great success and when you won. But also when you were hurt, when you lost when things were really bad and when you were scared.

So let´s go out and have a lot of fun, give a lot of love, make successful things and win and remember to do all of this you need to take risks. But whether you have fun or you are scared, whether you win or lose you always won a new memory, you have created a "larger life".

So give it your all and create a life that you can remember!


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